At Sonnenstärke, our strength lies in a set of inseparable components, they are: Team, Product, Technology and Quality.


Our team is our greatest strength; it is responsible for placing us at the forefront of the industry through diligent R&D and persistent optimization of our manufacturing process.

We invest heavily in developing our employees’ capabilities, broadening their industry awareness and arming them with the necessary technological expertise. Staff members across various departments receive their training in Germany and Switzerland.


We have invested in the latest technology available in the global market. Our Cairo facility houses an advanced German automated line with state-of- the-art robotics that uses premium certified components from certified European manufacturers; ensuring an exceptional quality product and a smooth manufacturing process.


We pride ourselves on the quality level of our product, which is ensured through rigorous inspection and a trace ability system for recall. Our product is certified by VDE, the leading internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electro-technical devices, components and systems, with a quality system certificate.