about Us

Sonnenstärke a leading photovoltaic manufacturer, utilizing state-of-the-art German technology to produce top-grade, high efficiency solar modules. Our regionally central location in Cairo, Egypt, affords us the strategic ease of meeting market demands in Africa and the Middle East. We have the logistical capability to easily transport our products throughout the region, and to provide customer service follow up.

Our components undergo a set of protocols designed to guarantee a consistent high quality, these include stringent quality checks, rigorous product testing and meticulous inspection. We operate under Teriak Group. Established in Egypt in 1975, Teriak was the first regional producer of heat exchangers. Today, Teriak is a manufacturing giant catering to the automotive, home appliances and renewable energy industries.

Company Profile

Teriak Industrial Group, headed by CEO Samir Teriak, established Sonnenstärke in Cairo, Egypt. A leading regional PV manufacturer, Sonnenstärke uses the latest German technology, German machinery, and German expertise in its manufacturing process. With a factory facility located in the 6th of October area of west Cairo, we are trailblazers in developing the field of renewable energy in Egypt. With an environmentally conscious ethos, we are committed to the growth of the Egyptian economy while working towards a sustainable future for the country.


Being part of the global sustainability movement for generations to come.


To wholly support and service residential and commercial solar needs region-wide, with durable, customizable solar modules, and a devoted customer service. high quality, optimumin performance.


Weaved into our company DNA are a set of core values by which we conduct all of our client relationships. They are: Commitment, Reliability, Partnership-building, Agility and Endurance.

We are committed to meeting client needs by accommodating each project’s individual specifications through the customization of solar by suppling high quality, top performance, according to specs and standards modules. We are reliable in timely and efficient delivery of projects. We are keen on building long-lasting relationships with clients by approaching each project as a true partnership, not a transaction. Our honed agility means we are always on top of new technologies and are quick and efficient problem solvers. To realize our vision, we apply consistent effort and unwavering resilience in the endurance sprint towards a sustainable tomorrow. Endurance to fully support all production demands and shifts. To flexably change capacity to meet deadlines, all afterserive needs at any time or location.